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Create a Facebook Pixel with Data Driven Tool

Create a Facebook Pixel with Data Driven Tool

You have the option of using our tool to create a Facebook Pixel in a Facebook Business account and to implement it directly with Tag Manager.

How exactly does this work?

Create pixels

Data Driven Tool connects to your Facebook Business Manager account and creates the pixel for you. This means you no longer have to create it yourself in the Manager.

Implement pixels

The tool connects to your Tag Manager, which has already been linked to your website. With the help of instructions sent from the server side, a new tag with a pixel and a trigger is formed (when it should be executed). This way, you have created the pixel with one click in Data Driven Tool on Facebook and implemented it on your page using Tag Manager.

What is the pixel used for?

The Facebook Pixel can be used for the following:

• To deliver your advertisement to the right people (remarketing)

• To increase sales (automatic bids for people who have taken a certain action on your website, e.g. making a purchase, making contact, etc.)

• To measure the success of an ad

The Process

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