How to create a Lookalike list for DDT Smart Tool

Creating a Lookalike list for DDT Smart Tool

If you are already using Data Driven Tool, have paid for your subscription and have also set up Facebook Pixel as well as your marketing accounts, you are now ready to visit this website.

From there:
1.  Select your Ad Account from the list.
2.  Find the Custom Audience named DDT Smart Tool – Website visitors, check it and click on it.
3.  Click on Actions → Create Lookalike.

Finally, confirm that you want to create a list.

You can do the same for the DDT Smart Tool – Page engagement list, but only if you are sure that your website has a valuable audience (people who have bought your products or used your services). Under no circumstances, should you do this if you had been buying Likes or Followers.

Need help?

No matter if you use Google Tag Manager or a whole different system, we can configure all the settings for you and help you set up your first data-driven Facebook Ads campaign using Data Driven Tool.

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