How to create clickable posts for Facebook Ads

Generally, Facebook posts are text and image compositions providing some sort of information. Such entries enrich the fanpage, making it more attractive for the user as well as more credible for Facebook.

However, there is a way for Facebook posts to be improved by using an additional feature – redirecting the user to a specific website.

Creating clickable posts for Facebook Ads

Visit your Facebook page.

On the right side, you will see a Create Post button – click on it.

After clicking on it, the following window will appear:

At this point, you can create a regular post that will not redirect to the page. If you would like to add a redirection, click on the Publishing Tools option below.

After clicking it, you should see the following page:

The next step is to click Create Post, which will bring up the creator view. It’s possible that by default it will load a new version of the Creator, that has been stripped of some options, so to bring up the old version, you must click on the options at the bottom of the window.

Once you find yourself in the old Creator view, you may start creating. Click on Photo/Video → Create A Photo Carousel.

Then add a link to the website you would like to redirect to:

At this point, all you need to do is add text and photos to the post. The first image usually pulls itself from the page metadata, but can be deselected after adding two more images.

It is worth bearing in mind that the headers can also be edited and adjusted to your preferences.

After completing all the steps above, click the Share Now button. From that moment, the created carousel will be visible on the Facebook page, and anyone who clicks on the image will be transferred directly to the website URL you’ve entered earlier.

However, you must remember that unfortunately, it is not possible to attach many links, so each image will point to the same website.

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