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Run data-driven Facebook and Instagram campaigns that are optimized in real time directly for your marketing goals in order to bring you the highest possible profit. Completely automated — based on your Facebook posts.  
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Save time and money,
but with better results

Run campaigns optimized in real-time on Facebook and Instagram, based on data from your website, directly for your marketing goals to ensure you the highest possible profit. Completely automatically, based on your Facebook posts.

But be careful! This isn’t comparable to the “Promote post” option on Facebook! Data Driven Tool campaigns are completely measurable. Thanks to this, you can, for example: check how many people have bought your product, at what price and thanks to which campaign or ad, how many people signed up for your newsletter, or how many people have clicked on the phone number on your website. Then, you can optimize your campaigns directly for the goals you have defined with the help of machine learning!

In addition to that, you can also run remarketing campaigns to reach people who have already visited your website, just like all large businesses do!

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data driven marketing tools
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An easy and powerful performance marketing platform for media buyers

The first tool that allows you to create measurable and data-driven campaigns without having any previous experience or programming skills. Run effective marketing campaigns on your own at the level of experienced marketing specialists.

Maintain control over marketing in your company by running your campaigns with our help, but more efficiently than if you were to outsource an agency!

Agency employees, in most cases, have never spent their own money on advertising, and may view your hard-earned money as a set of numbers that simply changes in the statistics of your advertising account.

Therefore, stay in control of your internet marketing and use Data Driven Tool to achieve better results on your own, even without expertise or experience.





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