Advertising made easy, data-driven, measurable and GDPR compliant

Advertising made easy, data-driven, measurable and GDPR compliant

Advertising made easy, data-driven, measurable and GDPR compliant

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Implement Remarketing Lists and Conversion Goals without programming and use them to run measurable, data-driven campaigns  

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Our superpowers

Configure tools

Configurate Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Search Console automatically via API

Get more conversions

Implement our Exit Intent Popup and Callback Widget and increase advertising success on your websites

Initial setup

Implement Remarketing List and Conversion Goals for Facebook and Google tools by only a few clicks

Optimize campaigns

Work faster and achieve better results by optimizing campaigns based on real-time data

Create campaigns

Create data-driven campaigns, optimized directly for your business goals to achieve the highest possible ROAS

Create reports

Create reports of all activities taken on your site to get a better understanding of your customers and their journey

Cookie banner

Implement our 100% GDPR-compliant Cookie Banner and manage all cookies and marketing scripts

Track Conversion Value

Choose the goal value, e.g., on the Order Confirmation page, and start measuring the value of each conversion


An easy and powerful performance marketing platform for agencies‚Äč and media buyers

The first tool that allows you to create measurable and data-driven campaigns without having any previous experience or programming skills. Run effective marketing campaigns on your own at the level of experienced marketing specialists.

Track, optimize & automate

Create conversion goals and remarketing lists

Answer questions about your marketing goals for our tool to automatically create all scripts and conversion goals. This will allow you to measure and directly optimize campaigns to achieve the best results possible as well as create remarketing campaigns.
Everything in one place

Link tools and advertising platforms via API

Use our API’s to connect and configure all your marketing tools, scripts and settings needed for running 100% measurable and data-driven campaigns.

Detailed reports

Create reports with just a few clicks

Our technical implementation gives you access to reports that contain information about the behavior of your web visitors and the exact actions taken on your site as well as details regarding all your marketing goals.


Our GDPR-compliant cookie banner

Our Cookie Consent Banner allows you to automatically adjust cookies to the GDPR for all systems.

Increase conversion rate

Callback widget
and Exit-intent popup

Use our additional tools to increase the conversion rate on your website. Customize them easily with just a few clicks and choose on which pages it should appear on.

New features

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View the demo and check how much time and money can be saved by using Data Driven Tool.

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